Importance of Personal Hygiene for Healthy Living-

A lot of people overlook the importance of personal hygiene which can be a huge mistake. You see, we interact with different organisms on a daily basis, exposing us to a wide range of infectious or communicable diseases.

In 2016, 3 infectious diseases have been included in the top ten causes of death worldwide They are diarrheal diseases, lower respiratory diseases, and tuberculosis. Visit tea burn website for more information about healthy products.

Failure to look after yourself and your hygiene can increase your risk of developing any of the conditions above.

To protect yourself, here are a few tips to stay healthy and prevent diseases, prevent most obesity related conditions by readingn the latest best appetite suppressant pills articles.

Wash Hands and Keep Your Body Tidy


Whether you eat with a spoon or enjoy licking your fingers, it is important to bring clean hands to your plate. Fingers carry microbial germs from interaction with infected pets, people, and touching several other non-living things and substances.

Washing hands thoroughly for about a minute, especially before eating, can limit the transmission of harmful bacteria that cause infectious diseases. After washing, use a clean and dry towel or a tissue to pat-dry the hands and remove excess water.

In the absence of soap and water, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can help you get rid of 99.9% germ by killing bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. Extra care should be taken to wash hands after using public and shared utilities like elevators, public transport, parks, commercial shops, restrooms, etc. Learn more about the Best semen enhancers.

Clean your hands and have your kids do the same before a snack or a meal, after using of the toilet, and playing with pets. Also, give your hands a good wash after an intentional or unintentional contact with someone suffering from cold or cough.

Apart from washing hands, bathing is also essential in maintaining complete physical hygiene. Indulge in extra care for your feet as they often come in contact with dust and germs. Wash them clean before entering the kitchen and before hitting the sack.

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