Cand sunt pregatiti sa ramana singuri acasa?

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Probabil ca singurul lucru in care majoritatea parintilor exceleaza este sa-si faca griji 🙂 . Sigur, meseria de parinte implica foarte multe responsabilitati, practic in orice situatie putem sa gresim sau nu, in functie de o multime de factori independenti de vointa noastra.

Daca ii cocolosim prea mult nu e bine ca se invata dupa fusta mamei. Daca ii obisnuim mai independenti iar nu e bine pentru ca nu le acordam atentia de care au nevoie. Am dreptate? 🙂



Iar una dintre intrebarile pe care le intalnesc din ce in ce mai des la parintii din jurul meu este” Cand sunt cei mici pregatiti sa ramana singuri acasa?

Nu stiu daca exista un raspuns standard gen la varsta de 5, 8 sau 10 ani pentru ca depinde foarte mult de caracterul copilului, de parintii lui, de zona, de educatia pe care a primit-o, s.a.m.d.

Insa e evident ca in momentul in care incepem sa ne punem aceasta intrebare suntem pregatiti sa facem pasul cel mare. Dupa ce discutam si cu copiii si vedem ce parere au si ei, mai trebuie sa ne uitam la cateva aspecte care ne vor ajuta sa ne hotaram.

Va las mai jos o lista de abilitati si deprinderi de care ar trebui sa dea dovada un copil care ramane singur acasa. Daca raspunsul vostru nu este DA la majoritatea intrebarilor atunci cu siguranta e cazul sa mai lucrati cu cel mic si sa revedeti lista peste o perioada de timp (eventual 6 luni).

Deci, din punctul meu de vedere (dar nu e obligatoriu) un copil e pregatit sa ramana singur acasa daca:

  • da dovada de responsabilitate referitor la teme, la treburile casei si respecta regulile
  • stie macar in teorie cum sa reactioneze in diverse situatii neasteptate.
  • stie, intelege si respecta masurile de securitate
  • poate sa faca alegeri intelepte si da dovada de discernamant
  • cunoaste masurile de prim-ajutor
  • stie cum sa se poate atunci cand interactioneaza cu strainii
  • stie la cine sa sune in caz de probleme neasteptate (prieteni sau vecini)
  • stie sa sune la 112 in caz de urgente (adevarate) si poate sa dea detalii despre el si despre ce s-a intamplat
  • intelege ca e o dovada de maturitate sa ramana singur in casa
  • e constient de responsabilitatile pe care trebuie sa si le asume

Noi ne pregatim de pasul cel mare asa ca ne-ar fi de folos experienta voastra si sugestiile cu care sa completam lista de mai sus. Asteptam parerile voastre in comentarii sau mesaje.

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The truth about the life of a mommy blogger

One of the issues which has been discussed a lot lately refers to mommy bloggers, who (seem) to give everybody the impression that at their home everything is perfect, there’s no dust gathered on the shelves, the clothes are arranged carefully in the wardrobes, the windows are clean, the food is steaming on the stove and the children are happy, singing carols (‘tis the season).

Only those without kids will not relate to what I am going to tell you next

As you probably already know, I’ve never hired a nanny or a woman to take care of my house and our parents only gave us a hand when we really needed it because we couldn’t split in two and be in two places at once. We raised our girls all by ourselves(95% of the time)and I am not necessarily telling you this to brag, because honestly I would not advise anyone to do so. It’s not just because no one is going to give you credit and praise you for this, but after a few years you will start to notice that old age is sneaking up on you (if you are talking to me and you are under the impression thatI am not actually processing what you are telling me, please know that this is the reason :)).

It’s not the end of the world if I don’t have the time to cook and everybody has to eat nothing but sandwiches all day long.

The same goes if I didn’t manage to prepare my children’s lunch boxes for school and, in this case, a yogurt and a pack of pretzels will do just fine.

You don’t have a clean white shirt to wear today? You know what? Just take the one you wore yesterday and that’s it. It’s more important to go to school than to look as if you were taken out of a box.

The house is a mess and we have guests coming? Sorry, you should have come on Saturday when it was all tidied up. No, wait, on Saturday the weather was so fine that we decided to go for a walk on Calea Victoriei and drink some hot chocolate. And, unfortunately, we did not even manage to do the vacuuming that evening, because we preferred to watch a movie together instead.

It’s Monday morning and just before we get out of the house I notice that their nails are not trimmed? No problem, as soon as I find a parking space, I look into my magic bag (where I can find almost anything) and pull out in triumph a nail clipper. 2 minutes, that’s all it takes to fix the problem.

In my ten years of motherhood, time has begun to have a completely different meaning to me. What used to take me one hour to finish is now ready in just 10 minutes. And I can cook, do the ironing and the homework at the same time.

Being a parent means being able to make quick decisions but you also need to enjoy this part of your life, to show your children how glad you are that they have chosen you to be their mom or dad and that regardless of the challenges that you will have to face together, you’re all part of the same team and together you will manage to do anything you set your mind to.

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Ana Maria Mitrus

Buna, Eu sunt Ana Maria Mitrus, sunt casatorita – cu Cristi, si sunt mama - pentru Alexandra si Andreea. Imi place sa petrec foarte mult timp cu familia mea si sa ma implic in tot ce inseamna cresterea si educatia fetitelor. Imi place sa cos si sa mesteresc, imi place sa citesc si sa aflu lucruri noi si interesante in orice domeniu. Imi plac oamenii care au ceva de spus si de la care pot sa invat ceva. Imi plac animalele, imi place sa merg cu rolele si imi place marea. Ma bucur de viata si sunt recunoscatoare pentru tot ce am.

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